CURE (Center for Urban Renewal & Education) Helps Inner City Families

Here’s what Federal spending of 900 billion dollars ANNUALLY has produced for Black America…let these numbers sink in…

• Single parent households have tripled since 1970
• 75% of our black children are in fatherless homes….that’s right 75%!
• 685,000 of our babies are aborted every year.
• 50% of black teenagers are unemployed.
• 43% of the prison population is black.
• The poverty rates among blacks HAS NOT changed in decades.
• But cities like Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Baltimore, and many others are in ruins.

Instead of helping… bad policies and billions of dollars have spread a SICKNESS in our black communities.  
(change tone to hopeful) It’s time for CURE.
Cure is a coalition of new voices, with new ideas, that will become new policies,
We are CURE…
The Center for Urban Renewal and Education.

Headquartered in Washington DC.

CURE works with churches, political, and business leaders on behalf of urban communities…

CURE’s mission is to address issues of culture, race and poverty from a Judeo-Christian conservative perspective

Join with us.  Under the new administration there has never been a better time to help black communities.